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The mud of spring is squeaking through shoes in the northern hemisphere xven though we did have 6 inches of snow in Maine to whiten the equinox.

So many invisible ideas from the winter are now taking shape, being formed into seedlings. It is freaking me out a little how fast busyness happens even as I am grateful how generous activity can be.

Is your calendar filling up…again? Are you concerned if you are making meaningful choices among all the new ways to focus?

I am.

Many years ago, I visited a wise chiropractor who used his practice to dispense guidance. He was a hidden teacher cracking bones as a cover.

In my poetic fashion I told him I wanted to dig my holes deeply and not get distracted with too many smaller ones- (and this was before Facebook!)

He laughed and turned poet on me.

“Try to be more like the oak tree with lots of acorns dropping on the ground. They don’t all become trees. Some never sprout and others break ground as seedlings and get no further. Some grow a while and then disappear from lack of proper nourishment. A couple will become strong new trees. But you never know which ones. So let all those ideas fall, the schedule fill and see what grows…”

I never wanted to leave the sweet spaciousness I felt in his office.

What is the proper nourishment you need on hand to help a seedling grow tall?

By what standards do you consider the growth a success? Is it simply the fulfillment of your ambitions that drives you onward?

Where do your ambitions come from?

Perhaps it is not a drive but a relationship?

Radiating Creativity

Don’t be foolish,
he barked
at Noor.

gather what you need,
number and label it well.
Be practical and make sense.
Climb the mountain only
in your best gear
do not try.

After a lifetime of climbing,
Noor went to his Maker,
only to find himself
In God’s kitchen.

Cook Me a meal,
was His command.

Noor saw such a spacious kitchen
and he thought,
with only thirty ingredients
I will cook such a
sumptuous buffet
enough for Him
and His angels!

He opened some empty cabinets.

Well, with even ten ingredients,
the Lord will at least be fed.

On a hook above the beautiful stove
Noor found one metal pot
and one spoon.

Well, with even three ingredients,
surely the Lord would
love Noor for all time,
for his creativity.

Nur opened the fridge
to a light
revealing empty shelves.

My Lord,
with at least some ingredients
You will know me
through my food but
this is foolish,
I cannot make you anything.

I was a hidden treasure
and I loved to be known.
And so I created the world
to be known.

Before you count your provisions,
feed me your hidden dreams.

Come, let us write
your cookbook,

It’s a cosmic paradox

You act as if it is all on you and at the same time you pray as if it is all on the Divine.

“If this is good for me now and the future, please make it easy and blessed. If it is not good, please, please turn it away from me and please help me turn away from it.”

You move into the new season doing the very best you can to nurture what is growing to the best of your ability, not knowing the future. This shows respect for the generosity that is opening.

At the same time you stop, reflect and check to feel:

  1. Does this endeavor isolate or join me with others to give and receive support?
  2. Does this activity challenge me to love more?
  3. If it goes completely wonky, how can I maintain balance?
  4. Can I release my hold a little bit more and feel held?

Check out my Services Page for the various ways I can support you as you figure out how to read your cookbook.

Barry Noor~

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  • Juliet

    I love the image of the oak tree. I often find I have an abundance of seeds and it’s been quite a challenge until I found a little niche in which to park them. Selecting and focusing are the keys for me, if I want to grow something new.
    I love the poem. ‘Feed me your hidden dreams’, and ‘let’s write your cookbook together’ – these lines really landed inside me. Thank you for this beautiful post.