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To enter my heart you
approach the edge of
the small pines behind
your childhood home.

You cross the boundary
into the darkness
father warned you of-
twigs crack
under foot,
the smell of mom’s supper
blends into the moist scent of trampled
mushrooms and algae,
and the sticky sap where you lean your palms-

You listen:

I beat softly at the foot of a central oak,
roots stretched through my sacrum.

‘Where are you?’ you ask.

With shifting gazes
you miss me
in the dark

I am here.

I whisper so as not to startle you:

‘To enter my heart you must
remove your shoes
remove your clothing
remove your skin
remove your muscles
remove the ribcasing once cracked open

remove false grief remove false happiness

then you can lay
under this tree
and you will see

Two hearts can beat,
two roots can stretch down,
dual canopies of leaf will
birth outwards from the Darkness,
spread into separate directions,
meeting once again
on this
sacred ground.

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