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In my garden the weeds are flowering. I sigh at how messy it looks.

Many times I can shift perspective to admire the multitude of colors and sizes. I trust the wisdom of their placement- not mine- and am impressed with their life force.

Behind them though, the young tender blueberries I planted last year are being encroached. The flowers I so enjoy in their bold orangeness are hidden from view.

It is time to tidy up.

This time of year as the outer light begins to wane; I am reminded of the momentum of spring’s vitality. Now that the height of summer is passing, I need to focus my support on the fruiting processes and have something nourishing to carry me into the winter. It is happening all around me in the fields outside my home; plants gathering up the light to fruit and reseed, and also within the garden of my being.

My inbox continues to entice me with new projects or classes to perpetuate my growth. It is an act of will aligned with balance to weed them out- their timing is over stimulating. I try to discern the activities that support my unique outer focus and internal cultivation. Honestly though, it is too easy to under-appreciate or even dismiss what is actually here and growing.

What are you being asked to focus on as the fall turns you to gaze at what spring has seeded? What is coming to fruit in your being- are you aware of it? Do you need help identifying it? Can you weed out the false expectations and constant diversions and keep yourself from picking it before it has ripened?

As the caretaker of your own evolution, it is a good time to reflect on what this fruit needs to embody its truest illumination. An illumination that can offer ease, balance and full expression. An illumination that can reseed itself once the light recedes and darkness dominates.

If you need help weeding and appreciating what is growing in your being, go to my services page here.

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