That principle is: when you can acknowledge and accept that there’s something missing in your life and turn your attention to a greater source, you always get a response.

My approach to helping you reconnect with your sacred source is built on the following steps:

  • Get in touch with the wisdom of the body, mind and heart to focus, listen and understand what is going on inside of you. Use tools of imagination, movement, and body awareness to connect with those deeper layers of your being.
  • Travel underneath into prayer where the stillness of innocence and trust live, and where you can access what the mind cannot.
  • Slow down, and identify and validate insights that surface from the sacred – and trust the response.

I won’t tell you what to do.

Instead, I offer options that help you bring all these elements together. In this way you open to your own sacred space that leads you into new actions based on deeper guidance.

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