Follow the Feminine

The thunderclap shook the ground underneath their feet. Miriam and Joe clambered up the rock cliff and squeezed into a cave’s opening to escape the approaching downpour. Miriam was [...]

Love In Two Acts

The smoke lay thick on the marsh. Johnny dropped the torch at his feet and stomped out the orange flame. It had done its work. The house and all of her possessions were part of the wind, charred [...]

The Power of the Word

He set his pen on the velvet cushion in front of the throne. As king, he loved creating this contest for the poets. Three of them remained from the thousands who began arriving from the farthest [...]

Winter of the Soul

He stared into the mirror but couldn’t connect to his face. His right hand glided across its cool surface- smooth and without any dimension. The running water had reached full pressure. He spoke [...]

The Garden Within

In my garden the weeds are flowering. I sigh at how messy it looks. Many times I can shift perspective to admire the multitude of colors and sizes. I trust the wisdom of their placement- not [...]

The Wildness of Love

To enter my heart you
 approach the edge of 
the small pines behind 
your childhood home.

 You cross the boundary 
into the darkness
 father warned you of - 
twigs crack
 under foot, 
the smell [...]

Reflections on Loss

An old saying in spiritual growth goes something like this: When change comes, you are either pushed or carried. I lost a relationship earlier this month, and its ending was messy, [...]

Trembling Passionate Love

Mindfulness meditation has been getting a lot of press these days for lowering stress. And who doesn’t need this? The most common reason given, however, why people who start meditating [...]

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