In 1969 the course of my life shifted in ways I could not have imagined.

As well as being lost in a cloud of marijuana (at the time it was a political statement), I was losing myself in the confusing smoke of this world.

In the midst of all the distractions and turmoil, I was exposed to a short film about a spiritual teacher, Meher Baba (Compassionate Father).  Meher Baba hadn’t spoken aloud for over 45 years – and he had just died. Yet I could feel his voice whispering to me, giving me guidance.

I knew I was at a crossroads and in that moment my life changed.

Over the decades, this rhythm has recurred many times:  losing myself in the world, standing at a crossroads and then having teachers show up to help if I remained open.

After getting divorced, losing my income and my home, I went through an intense dark night of the soul. I was in my 50s.

A breakthrough came when I heard of a Sufi teacher from Jerusalem. For the next 4 years I studied with him and completed a master’s degree program in Sufi Spiritual Healing.

Throughout my life, I’ve been guided to explore many disciplines: all types of massage, medical Qi Gong, expressive movement therapy, yoga therapy and whole food diets, among others. I’ve taught yoga, creative writing, and Tao Qi Gong.

My lifelong studies in the holistic world of healing the body, heart and mind are now focused on spiritual principles.

Over the years I’ve been a spiritual companion to hundreds of people, helping them find greater ease, healing and understanding of their unique crossroads and bring new meaning to their lives.

Some things that make my being sing, that might help you
get to know me better and serve our work together

  • When I can’t find the way forward, I write poetry – the words are strong medicine for me.
  • I read Hebrew and recite Arabic scriptures daily. I love listening to the intelligence of each letter.
  • I’m deeply attracted to beauty in all forms such as the art of Monet and Van Gogh; the music of James Taylor and Mozart; gospel and funk; people’s faces when they’re vulnerable and need love, protection and kindness; ocean waves and garden flowers.
  • I love prayer and chanting in the middle of the night when the veils between the worlds are thin. The rigor and miracles of spiritual practice nourish me.
  • I love being married. I believe that the dynamics of marriage have the potential to heal the wounds of past relationships and bring new depths of meaning to life.
  • I raised my two daughters in an intentional yoga community.
  • I cook without recipes.
Barry Great Wall
  • I have been given 3 sacred names over the course of my life:

Baruch (“The Blessed”) in the Jewish tradition.
Dinesh (“Sea Foam”) in the yogic tradition.
Noor-ul-Mubeen (“Clear Light”) in the Sufi tradition.

  • My favorite places where I can stand really relaxed on this earth:

London’s ancient parks.
Huashan, the sacred Taoist mountain in China.
Bali’s rice fields.

  • The way you penetrate deep into the heart nourishes me

    "Your nuanced, sophisticated thinking; your ability to hold paradox and contradiction; your tremendous non-defensiveness and compassion; your stunningly beautiful prayers; the way that you penetrate deep into the heart while remaining of this world, non-pretentious and non-dogmatic; your ability to accommodate my skepticism and doubt and irritation and fervent longing all at one time; your deep intuition — these are things about you and your counsel that nourish, invigorate and ground me.

    Karen Elliott

I look forward to connecting with those of you who are ready to find the beauty and love that enriches life.

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