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Move through confusion and despair
Recapture your aliveness and regain a sense of your sacred self

Everyday life can leave you feeling depleted and disconnected from your inner wisdom. Whether it’s in your workplace, at home with your family or in your health, our modern lifestyle can trigger you to feel angry, confused, frustrated and wondering what went wrong. Divorce, job loss, getting older, can make your days seem long with complaints and your nights restless. Maybe you blame yourself for the lack of peace inside?

What has helped in the past is not working as well. Others rely on you to be strong, but you feel lost.

Underneath it all, what your heart is really yearning for
is to renew your relationship with your sacred self

It’s really important to feel deeply heard, understood and accepted for who you are. To have a safe place to sort it all out. Maybe you know the answers are within but you can’t hear them because the questions are too loud. Light arises from the deepest darkness – but when it feels as if your life is falling apart, that inner light can be elusive.

It takes a special kind of loving care to cultivate or renew your relationship with an intelligence greater than your own. Moving out of the box of the mind into the private and intimate wisdom of the heart and soul requires a leap into trusting the much larger world of possibility that exists inside of you.

There’s hope – with proper guidance in a safe atmosphere,
it’s possible to regain that sense of your sacred self

  • One hour with Noor (Barry) transports me into connectedness and truth

    “I can be swirling in the everyday life of busyness and worries, but after spending one hour with Noor (Barry), I feel transported into the deepest world of beauty, peace, connectedness and truth.”


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